Molex MX150 12pin connector with wire harness.

Catalog #: 2910000484300


Molex MX150 12pin connector with wire harness.

Molex MX150 12pin connector with wire harness. Used on all SingleViu speedometers and tachometers (along with the Molex MX150 8pin connector, part number 2910000424200) to connect SingleViu to J1939 network

SingleViu instruments represent the latest technology in instruments, and offer a top of the line solution by being able to work directly with traditional analog senders or work directly off a J1939 CAN network. Each ‘smart’ SingleViu gauge has it’s own mircoprocessor, which allows it to have a dual-input capability with no additional software or hardware (such as signal converters, black-boxes or master gauges). Each speedometer or tachometer can also the display the J1939 system fault codes.
These features, along with waterproof and fog proof construction, RGB LED illumination and advanced stepper motors make SingleViu the ideal solution when traditional gauges are needed or desired.

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