VDO AcquaLink NMEA 2000 Wind Sensor NMEA 2000 certified windsenor for replacing refits or new installations. Use mast cable A2C96244200 (10m) or A2C59501950 (30m) and A2C39312700 T-Splitter to connect to NMEA 2000 backbone.

Catalog #: A2C59501984


AcquaLink NMEA 2000 Wind Sensor Technical Details
• Wind vane with contactless inductive sensor and impeller with halleffect chip
• Direction accuracy +/- 1°
• Operating direction range +/- 180°
• Speed accuracy +/- 1kn
• Operating speed range 1-68kn
• Approval CE, NMEA 2000

Timeless Instruments and high quality design for sail and motor yachts. AcquaLink brings a state of the art information solution into the helm using advanced technology and premium quality.

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